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The CRUX Score is a number between 1-100 that measures the quality and impact of your digital marketing efforts.

CRUX Score Metrics

The CRUX Metrics

A CRUX Score is calculated based on three primary marketing metrics. Awareness, Engagement and Conversion. The more effective you are in these areas, the higher your CRUX Score.

AWARENESS. A measure of how easy it is for your audience to discover digital “conversations” and information that they can engage with. How can your audience find you? We find all of your digital “beacons” on websites, social platforms and search engines; and measure them based on volume, quality and topical match.

ENGAGEMENT. What are you saying to your audience? Engagement is a measure of how well, once discovered, your audience can interact with the information you display and conversations you are having. We consider the quality, topical alignment, volume and audience interaction with all of your digital touchpoints; everything from web pages and blog posts to facebook posts and tweets.

CONVERSION. What are you asking your audience to do? Conversion is the measure of how easily and often your audience takes action. We find and measure all of your unique digital conversion points and Calls To Action (CTAs) based on their volume, quality and effectiveness.

Why are these metrics important?

CRUX Score Signals

The CRUX Signals

CRUX goes deeper than typical web marketing analysis. We review the content of all of your web pages and social posts, and also draw from other platforms - all to generate over 400 signals that contribute to our scoring algorithm.

The CRUX Score is not just a count of the number of web pages on your website and followers you have on social platforms. The majority of the signals used to calculate your CRUX Score are based on sophisticated models that consider attributes, factored ratios and many outside influencing values such as industry specificity.

A major aspect of the CRUX Score is Topical Analysis. We use advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze all of your digital touchpoints. Every page. Every tweet. Our systems then identify topical themes in your communications and produces metrics based on diversity and audience interaction with these various topics. 

Available Insights

Actionable Insights

One of the most powerful aspects to the CRUX Score is that it helps you convert data to actionable insights. Rather than swimming through the flood of metrics and numbers that digital marketing can produce - you are able to focus on what is important. Working with a CRUX certified agency, CRUX recommends things to do and services to deploy to increase your marketing impact.

In addition to providing detailed analysis for the three key metrics of Awareness, Engagement and Conversion; CRUX allows you to track true marketing results over time. See the real impact of campaigns, brands and digital channels by Analyzing their independant scores.

What's your score?

To gain access to real-time, detailed CRUX analytics; you must work with a CRUX certified agency.
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